New Girls

Anastasia came back late in the morning from a call. Her client wanted only the best London escort, he had taken her dancing all night and then they’d retired to his hotel to fuck their brains out. It had been fun and she’d had a bit more to drink than she usually allowed herself. Also her feet were killing her after hours in her six inch louboutins. She just wanted to have a long soak, eat some eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, baked beans and mushrooms. After that she needed to get some sleep.


She turned her head to see her manager hurrying toward her, a harried look on her face. Anastasia’s instinct was to duck away, pretend she hadn’t heard the hail and just lock herself in her room. But it was too late. Lillian had already seen her looking.

“I need your help,” Lillian said.

“Can it wait?”

Lillian looked sympathetic, “Look, I know you’re tired. But there are two new girls and they have clients this afternoon. It’s urgent.”

“Can’t someone else help?”

Lillian was already shaking her head, “There’s no one else. Everyone’s out on calls.”

Anastasia sighed in resignation. Damn the bank holiday anyway. It was always a busy time for them.

“One hour and then I’m off to bed,” she warned.

“Aces,” Lillian said with a delighted smile, “this way.”

The two girls were waiting for her in what everyone called the ‘rookie room’. Most of the escorts from their road stayed in this block of apartments, one of which was used as a ‘booking office’ for the girls. It was where the phones were manned and orders came in. It was also where new girls stayed until they found their feet. They bunked down in one guest room and used the others for incalls. She sighed as she got a good look at them. They looked as green as they came.

“Okay girls, follow me,” she said taking them to one of the bedrooms, “Strip.”

They did as they were bid and Anastasia showed them how to stand so as to show off their best assets. She made them masturbate each other so they could practice making sounds of pleasure and getting wet and ready for the client.

“You’re doing really well. Now let me see you kiss.”

The girls leaned in, tongues licking, teeth biting, lips grazing against each other. Anastasia was getting a bit warm just watching.

“I think you have it,” she said turning around to leave, “Now go ahead and get each other off. I’m going to bed.”